Best Skateboard Wheels For Rough Pavement

Skateboard wheels are an important part of skateboarding. Whether you are riding on a park, street, or rough road, it is very critical for you to select the right set of skateboard wheels. The skateboard wheels are available in different sizes, colors, and durometers to full fill your riding needs. The skateboards have other parts to impact the way of rolling more than these wheels.

Most riders face most challenges and risks on rugged streets and terrains, so it is very important to choose the best skateboard wheels for rough pavement. The main topic of this post is reviewing the best skateboard wheels for rough pavement. If you want to make your ride very enjoyable and also safe then you are at the right place. Then here you can select the very high-performing skateboard wheels from here.

1: RICTA 52mm Clouds 92a [Recommended]

This wheel is from RICTA and offers top-notch quality and endurance. And best for those who are looking for strong enough and endure asphalt skateboard wheels. The best caliber and high-quality urethane are used to craft these wheels. The rough pavements do not have any chance against these wheels. But it is not very enough for you to perform tricks.

I also like these wheels’ hardness getting over rocks and rough roads. Like the hard wheels, they also slide and revert, but over the rocks and rugged concrete, they cruise fairly.

Along with the high-performance bearing, the RICTA 52mm clouds 92a are remarkably very fast and slick. With any setup, its low-key style goes very well. Over the aitches and cracks, it will not disappoint you.

2:Powell Peralta “Rat Bones 60mm 90A

The Powell Peralta Rat Bones are another best skateboard wheels for rough pavement and are available in a few different colors. The Powell Peralta redbones are double for cruising wheels that can ride over the rocks and flick the rocks right out of your way. And it makes your skating more stable and enjoyable on rough pavement.

Moreover, they are considered very well, durable, and nice to do power slides. These wheels are very smooth for sidewalks and cruising city streets. You can use these skateboard wheels on any rough road and these wheels provide full comfort and stability.

3:FREEDARE Skateboard Wheels along with Bearings 54mm 

The word FreeDare is derived from “freedom” and “Dare” which means you have full freedom and dare to face any type of challenge in life. This company not only offers skateboard wheels, but they also give you other skateboard accessories. They have fully experienced graphics artists to provide the best quality skateboard wheels and other accessories.

It provides full safety and makes able you to do your tricks safely. These wheels are very premium. Because of the very lightweight material, a lot of professional skateboarders recommend these wheels. These wheels have 54mm in diameter and 36mm in width and the size of the bearing is 22mm by 8mm. And these wheels are designed with 90A polyurethane material.

This material is used to make these wheels very stable, durable, slide fast, and very smooth. These wheels are considered very good for rough terrains, ramps, and sidewalks. And also makes able you to do skateboarding on asphalt. Moreover, its grippy edges make it safe to ride downhill.

Best for those who are looking for semi-hard wheels. This means that, if you want to ride in the grass then these wheels are hard enough. But these are soft enough and you ride this one pavement without your feet getting numb. To maximize your skateboard experience, this package also offers some spare bearings.

4:Bigfoot Skateboard Wheels 53mm 83A

Now Bigfoot Skateboard wheels have come on the list of best skateboard wheels for rough pavement. 83A polyurethane material is used to design these skateboard wheels. And these wheels offer very smooth rolling on rough pavement. The Bigfoot Skateboard wheels are quiet and very fast and considered very ideal for the roughest spots.

Moreover, these wheels are also best and ideal for filmers because of their softness, speed, and quietness. The diameter of these wheels is 53mm which makes them better for skating parks, streets, and bowls. It also ensures trick riding and good stability. These wheels have an 83a durometer and the wheels can easily handle the rough surfaces and ensure a smooth ride

5:MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels

No looks further if you are in search of longboard skating wheels for pavement. Because these MBS All-Terrain longboard wheels can fulfill all of your needs for unparalleled off-road action. The MBS All-Terrain wheels are made of supper high-rebound urethane material to satisfy your need for speed. These wheels not only ensure high speed over rough roads, but they also ensure smoothness and stability. On the durometer scale, they rank 78a. Thus, the roughest terrains and hard-packed dirt are not able to stand a chance against these heavy-duty wheels.

In the dirt, gravel, and grass track the smaller wheels can be stopped. So the 100mm wheels are phenomenal for adding off-road capabilities to your skateboard. On the other-side minimal resistance is provided by the standard flat wheel. So that’s why I am very glad because the right amount of bounce is provided by these wheels without compromising on speed.

Use these wheels and enjoy your skating.

6: Shark Wheel 60 mm 78a

Now the wheel we are going to review as the best skateboard wheel for rough pavement is the Shark wheel. These wheels are not the same as your regular skateboard round shape wheels. The shape of these wheels could provide better revelation to skateboarders. Instead of regular shaped wheels, these wheels are a combination of sphere and cube shape as the skateboard goes in motion. The Shark Wheel has a size of 60mm and a durometer of 78a. And these wheels are designed in California and made from high-polyurethane material.

In this post, we are reviewing all these wheels that provide full grip and smooth riding over any type of terrain. So these wheels are also designed to provide grip and a smoother ride. The shark wheels are coming with a lot of benefits. These wheels ensure full stability and throw small objects right and left out of your way. Moreover, these wheels have less friction and ensure smoother riding. When these wheels run then they have 57% less friction.

These wheels are offering extra speed, comfort, and range. The shark wheels that have 60mm in size are designed to explore the world. There is an adjustment from the round shape wheel.

7:Bones Filmers

Most of skateboard wheels are designed for skating on parks, streets, and plane roads and the durometer of these types of roads is 99-100A. Consider if you are living in an area where the roads are crappy and rough then what type of wheels you will use? So don’t worry because I have picked all the wheels that are considered the best skateboard wheels for rough pavement.

Now we are going to review the Bones filmers. So I have included these wheels in my list because these are great for smoothing out rough roads. By using these wheels, your feet will not get numb due to vibrations and crack on rough roads. These wheels have grip and are very heavier compare to the 100A wheels. When I drop my skateboard then I have noticed that I will bounce.

For smooth riding, I will recommend these wheels.

8:LOSENKA 52mm Skateboard Wheels

The design of these wheels is like a white wolf which is very attractive to the eyes. And this design is also inspired by the North American grey wolf howling through the mountains. Lenka makes the best skateboard wheels for rough pavement for beginners. Cold infusion processing is one of the most unique and patented features of this skateboard wheel. And these wheels are very secure and wear-resistant.

The wheels are plastic made but the rubber material is also incorporated into these wheels. These wheels have 52mm diameter x 30mm width and the durometer is 95A. This is the set of 4 wheels and all have bearings and spacers made from high-performance ABEC-9 Steel. And all of these wheels can easily and perfectly fit any skateboard. These wheels are an ideal option for those who are just starting.

Before going to use, fully tight all of its bearings. The bearings can be lost through regular use. And it will not roll very fast. According to my experience, I have tried this on asphalt roads, U-shaped pools, squares, and streets. And these wheels doesn’t disappoint me and performed very well.

9: OJ 60mm Hot Juice Orange 78a Skateboard Wheels

These wheels belong to the OJ brand and best longboard and cruiser wheels. These wheels are very perfect for filmers and camera folk. You can use these wheels on a regular skateboard but you will also require riser pads. Your tricks will be limited by using these wheels but these wheels will make able you to fly down the hills, remaining stable, and confident. The size of these wheels is 60mm and has a 78 A durometer.

10: Spitfire Classic Skateboard Wheels

We include the Spitfire wheels in our list of best skateboard wheels for rough pavement because it is the best skateboard wheel. It has 99 durometers and makes your skateboard faster and smoother on all terrain. These are the soft skateboard wheels but they are very grippy with their patented flat spot. The new formula was launched for the classic line by Spitfire in 2013. Which was a very game-changer in the skating industry. This new formula offers more and more speed and smoothness and full control.

Moreover, thanks to this new formula, great durability is also offered by these wheels. I have used these wheels for a very long time and they still giving very good results.

However, this wheel is a sticky and little bit slow when we compare this with others on this list. But you can still expect too much from this wheel.

11:Orangatang Caguama 85 mm 

For rough pavement, every speed enthusiast loves these 85mm wheels. Staying comfortably stable and expect to plow over the rough pavement with incredible speed and smoothness. Each wheel has a 56mm contact patch layer over it and provides great grip. And these wheels allow you to move seamlessly over the cracks.

Along with all these game-changing benefits, all these wheels are equipped with a 46mm core and can absorb your weight. They absorb your weight and allow you to accelerate faster with enhanced momentum.

Furthermore, all these also have Jehu V2 bearings along with speed rings and spacers. These wheels are great for long-distance riding, commuting proof, and carving. You can take these Caguamas excel everywhere. These wheels are also available in different colors and you can meet with personal riding preferences.

What important things you should keep in mind when buying the best skateboard wheels for rough pavements?

When you decide to buy the best skateboard wheels for rough pavement, you should know some important things. Because the market is full of wheels and each wheel is made from the same material. Which is polyurethane. So there are some other important things that you should keep in your mind before buying a new skateboard wheel.


The diameter is the most important thing about the skateboard wheel. Every skateboarder should keep this thing in mind when buying a new wheel for rough pavement. Every skateboard wheel is measured in millimeters, 50mm is a standard range that is best for beginners. While the 75mm is for professional skateboarders. Also, note that the bigger the size of the wheel faster the revolution. While the smaller wheel is a little bit slower.

Here is a rage comparison and now you can select the right one:

  • 50mm-53mm: This size wheels come in a smaller range and are considered perfect for beginners.
  • 50mm-59mm: These size wheels are medium and average-sized. The intermediate and beginner riders can use these wheels.
  • 60mm-75mm: These size wheels are good for professionals

So you need to take your riding skills into the consideration first.


Now the next thing that we are going to share with you is the durometer. When you want to buy skateboard wheels for rough pavement, you should also keep this point in your mind. The durometer means the hardness of the wheel. A higher durometer scale means harder the wheel. 99a is the best durometer for professionals. They use 100 point scale for the measurement of it. But B scale is also used by some manufacturers. So here the measurements are 20 points lower.

Now to make everything clear for you, we are sharing a durometer scale comparison:

  • 78a-87a: these wheels are soft and perfect for rough pavement. And also ideal for longboard riders.
  • 88a-95a: These wheels are harder and faster when used. But have not a good grip.
  • 96a-99a: These wheels have a good grip and speed when used. And these are also harder
  • 101a-up: These wheels are the fastest and hardest and have the least grip
  • 83b-84b: These wheels have very high speed and are super harder but have the minimal grip

For skateboarding lovers, we will recommend a softer one.

Contact patch:

The contact patch is another feature that you have to take into consideration when buying skateboard wheels for rough pavement. The contact patch is the area where the skateboard wheels make contact with the terrain or road.

For longboard riding, you should select the larger contact patch wheel. While on the other hand, skateboard riding is the smaller one best. A smaller wheel has a small surface area to distribute the weight of your body. While a wheel with a bigger surface can easily distribute your body weight.

The best shape to use?

Another important factor to enhance your skateboarding experience is the shape. The shape skateboard wheel has a lot of importance in skateboarding. The market is full of many brands. But you should also keep in mind this factor when buying skateboard wheels for rough pavement. There are only two shapes that every skateboarder should consider when buying skateboard wheels for rough pavement.

  • Sharp-lip-shape: This shape wheel is best for casual skateboarding lovers. Who likes only casual skateboarding then can use these shape wheels.
  • Round-lip-shape: If you love to do surf tricks and powerslides then these shape wheels are best for you.

Which wheel is best for a particular skate style?

Another thing that you should consider is your skating style. This means you should also consider your skating style when you want to buy a skateboard wheel for rough pavement.

Here is the summary of your skating style:

  • Street-Skating: For skating in street, a skate wheel with 101A Durometer and 56mm Diameter is best.
  • Vert/Transition skating: For this type of skating, a wheel with a 59mm by 45mm diameter and 78a durometer is best.
  • Transport/ casual skating: For this type of skating style, you should select a skateboard wheel with 99 durometers and 53mm diameter. The Spitfire brand is considered best for this type of skating style.
  • Beginner: For beginner skaters, a wheel that has a diameter of 50mm to 53mm is the best option.

Can a skateboard be a ride on asphalt?

Yes of course a skateboard can easily be a ride on asphalt. But the main point that you should have to take into consideration is how rough the terrain is. If the asphalt is rough then the big soft wheels will be very perfect for riding on it. Also, remember that you should not skate when it’s raining because the grip of the wheel can be affected due to wet surfaces.

Which skateboard wheels are best for rough roads?

The following wheels are considered best for rough roads.

  • RICTA 52mm Clouds 92a
  • Powell Peralta “Rat Bones 60mm 90A
  • FREEDARE Skateboard Wheels along with Bearings 54mm
  • Bigfoot Skateboard Wheels 53mm 83A
  • MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels
  • Shark Wheel 60 mm 78a
  • Bones Filmers
  • LOSENKA 52mm Skateboard Wheels
  • OJ Hot Juice Orange Skateboard Wheels
  • Spitfire Classic Skateboard Wheels
  • Orangatang Caguama 85 mm

What skateboard wheels are best for asphalt?

These skateboard wheels are best for asphalt

  • RICTA 52mm Clouds 92a
  • Powell Peralta “Rat Bones 60mm 90A
  • FREEDARE Skateboard Wheels along with Bearings 54mm
  • Bigfoot Skateboard Wheels 53mm 83A
  • MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels
  • Shark Wheel 60 mm 78a
  • Bones Filmers
  • LOSENKA 52mm Skateboard Wheels
  • OJ Hot Juice Orange Skateboard Wheels
  • Spitfire Classic Skateboard Wheels
  • Orangatang Caguama 85 mm

Are softer or harder wheels better for the street?

For a comfortable ride and cruising the soft skateboard wheel is considered good. They are not best for tricks because they stick to the surface and bounce a lot. These types of wheels can deal better with rough roads and small objects.                       

But on the other side, the harder wheels are considered perfect for those skateboarders who like to perform technical tricks. But the harder wheels are not suitable for cruising.

Best skateboard wheels for rough pavement

Are 95a wheels good for rough roads?

The wheel that has 88a to 95a durometer is harder and faster but has a little less grip. These types of wheels are considered suitable for street skating and riding on rough surfaces.

Can you skate on rough asphalt?

You can easily skate on a rough road if you have a skateboard with a sturdy and stable pair of trucks and a set of larger, softer wheels that can roll over cracks and rocks. The larger and softer wheel will make able you to skate on rough asphalt.

Are 99a wheels soft?

No the skateboard wheel with enough durometers is not soft, So that’s why 99a are not soft wheels. These are harder skateboard wheels and are considered the best skateboard wheels for rough pavement.

Is 99a good for the skatepark?

It depends on the kind of skating that you want to do. So all skateboard wheels are available for personal preferences. For beginner skaters, we recommend medium-size (52mm-54mm) skateboard wheels which have a durometer of 90a-99a. So you can use a wheel for skating in skateparks that have a 99a durometer.

Are 101A wheels good for the street?

The skateboard wheels that have a 101a durometer are harder and perform very well on streets and skateparks. But if you have a wheel that has less durometer and a softer skate wheel then it will slow you down. If you are not interested in performing tricks with a skateboard and just wish to cruise around then you should look for soft wheels. A cruising wheel is between 78a-90a.

What are 92a wheels good for?

These types of wheels are best for rough pavement and cracks and craggy streets.


We have reviewed our top best skateboard wheels for rough pavement. And all these wheels are available at an affordable price and all these have good reviews and ratings. I hope after reading this article completely, you can select the best skateboard wheels for pavements. We also described the factors that have very important in skateboarding. And you should keep in mind all these important factors when buying a new one.

If you are a professional or a beginner, then every component of the skateboard has very important. These components include grip tape, hardware, the board, and the wheels. So for a good skating experience, you should consider all the things.

Now you can select the best one.

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