Best Longboard For Commuting in [2022]

To make the commute more and more environmental-friendly with a worldwide looking, people are increasingly turning to non-traditional ways of moving around.

The PMDs are considered the most popular way to turn around or even commute to schools, work, or jobs. Bicycles are considered the most popular PMDs in the market. But if you are looking for portability and convenience, you may require something more compact and efficiently such as a skateboard, longboard, or hoverboard.

Today, our main focus is on the longboards.

Traditionally, the longboards are considered a fun way to cruise around the town or to enjoy the moment. But today, we will not focus on fun and sports as many people now use the longboards to commute to work or from the work.

The longboards are more convenient, fast and have full fun, and make the commute more enjoyable. The longboards have a traffic-avoiding size and let you circumvent the traffic gridlock. The longboards can easily and quickly take you from one point to another point when you are stuck in traffic gridlock.

Another, good thing about the longboards is that they can easily be stored anywhere as compared to When you use a longboard for commuting, it also gives you the benefit in the form of exercise means it keeps your muscles working.

If you want to commute on daily basis, then you should not choose a dancing or carving longboard.  Moreover, you should also keep in mind the components of the best longboard for commuting. These components are wheels, trucks, bearings, and the deck of the longboard.

But you should not worry. Because we have prepared a complete guide about everything that you need to know about the best longboard for commuting.

Best Longboard For Commuting
Best Longboard For Commuting

List of best longboards for commuting

After hours of research, We have picked the top 10 longboards for commuting for you. Before going very deeply about everything related to the commuting longboards, we will review our top-picked commuting longboards. And you can select one of these longboards for commuting to your work, school, and cruise around the town. This means that we particularly picked all these longboards for cruising or commuting, not for performing tricks and stunts.

For a better and fantastic experience of commuting, it is very necessary to select the right size longboard. A right-sized longboard is very best for commuting and it also prevents you from any bitter experience like stumbling, tripping or biffing.

But here the problem is that a new rider can be confused about selecting the right size board. Because the market is full of thousands of brands of longboards. So a new rider should not worry, because we have picked these products after brief research. Moreover, we will also tell you, how you can select the best longboard for commuting? We will also share with you all the details about those things that you must look at in the skateboard.

First of all, we will review all our top picks.

1: Retrospec Zed Longboard [Recommended]

Now first of all we will review the Zed Longboard Which is manufactured by Retrospec. Retrospec was a Bicycle manufacturing company, but now this company comes in the field of Skateboards and longboards. And it becomes very popular. The Retrospec manufactures affordable and durable longboards. So now we will review the Zed Longboard manufactured by Retrospect.

The Retrospec Zed Longboard comes in two shapes which are Pintail and Cruiser. Both these two shapes are considered good and ideal for commuting. The Zed longboard has 41 inches long and 9.5 inches wide deck which makes it very sufficient for any type of ride. Ride on its deck on very comfortable. It allows you to comfortably place your feet. Moreover, it has 70mm and 85A durometer wheels which make it compatible for taking heavily weighted people. It can take the people who have 175+ lbs weight. The 220lbs weight limit is recommended by the company.

Furthermore, it also has anti-biting technology, which prevents your feet from wheel biting. It’s better to avoid taking sharp turns.

 2: VOLADOR Freeride Longboard {best for commuting}

The Volador Longboard is very excellent and quiet for commuting from one point to another point. This longboard has a 42” long deck which is made of 8-ply maple wood. This means that it is a very durable longboard for commuting. It allows you to set the baseplate angle to 45-degree or 50-degrees. To get the ample turning support of this longboard, you can set it at 50 degrees. On the other hand, To get better stability of the longboard, you should set the angle at 45 degrees at the baseplate for the back truck.

The wheel size of this longboard is 70mm and the durometer is 78A. The wheel size is standard wheel size for this longboard. These wheels provide the necessary grip. However, the 78A is considered not suitable for a person who has 175+ kg weight. But all other qualities make it good for commuting. This longboard will not disappoint you if you will use it for commuting to your work or school.

3:Seething 42 Inch Longboard [best for commuting]

If you want to save money and time by converting longboard commuting. Then the Seething 42” longboard is coming to give you a lot of benefits and will save your money and time. The first positive thing about this longboard is that it is very durable. And another thing is that is available at a very affordable price and everyone can easily buy this longboard. You no need to change the components at any time soon Because it is very durable.

The deck of this longboard is 42” long means that it is very perfect for cruising. Due to its reasonable weight and equal balance, it is best for commuting. It can be used by anyone means heavily weighted people can also use it for commuting. Because it can bear up to 330 pounds.

This longboard has alloy trucks and strong polymer wheels which have a long life. It is also best for beginner riders because it has a textured deck which improves the balance.

All its good qualities make it the best longboard for commuting

4:White Wave Bamboo Longboard

Now we are going to review the bamboo longboard, which is a White wave bamboo longboard. This longboard is suitable for cruising and commuting.

Let’s explain all of its capabilities.


The deck of this longboard is made with 9-plies of maple wood. The maple deck of this longboard is very gorgeous and provides awesome feelings. The deck is very good and the board has very awesome finishing. This longboard has good construction and value. And it is also very durable and stable.

Great board:

Simply, this is a very good and durable longboard. And everyone can use it because this longboard comes in different sizes. The board has 40 x 9.75 inches measurements. This longboard has 70mm 80a wheels, which makes it special for commuting rides. Everyone who has used this longboard finds it very useful

Super stable:

The 2-inches dropped platform and stiff flex pattern make it super durable. It is very easy to push. It has a super-low deck to the ground and due to this feature, it is very durable. And also very easy to push. Whenever you will ride on it, you will feel super stability. You will enjoy your every ride with super stability.

Ideal for commuting:

This longboard is considered very best and good for every type of riding style. It is recommended for commuting.

5: Icarus Bamboo Longboard, Loaded Boards

    The Loaded Boards Icarus Bamboo longboard is considered very great for longboarding. This longboard is very ideal and good for the commuter-style ride. Let’s go more deeply about this longboard.


This longboard is versatile and fully curving. Specially designed for freestyle, pumping, free riding, and snowboard curving, and also good for urban commuting. This longboard is a good as alternative transportations. Moreover, this longboard has a very good and amazing performance.

And also highly recommended for commuting rides. It is also considered ideal for other types of rides.


Moreover, this board provides high stability. The trucks of this board are mounted for a lower center of gravity. With these trucks, you can easily push the longboard. The lower center of gravity ensures full control over the longboard. This means it ensures full control over the longboard.


180mm Paris trucks are used to set up this longboard. During the shredding, you can get a great response. This longboard has very amazing curving experience. Moreover, this longboard is considered ideal for any tight corner.


This longboard has very good performance and is enough powerful. This longboard has an Orangratang Kegels wheel, which is 80mm and is very powerful. Offering enough greater performance. And these wheels can easily be rolled over any rough pavement, rocks, cracks, or any other things         

6:Loaded Boards Tan Tien Bamboo Longboard

This Loaded Tien Bamboo longboard is coming with high-quality and good performance which makes able the riders explore the new riding style. The Loaded Tan Tien Bamboo longboard is an all-around performance longboard best for riding styles.


Have a very attractive and eye-catching look with a nice touch. The parquetry pattern at bottom of this longboard is the visually standout feature of it. Which makes it very attractive to everyone. Moreover, its quality craftsmanship cannot be ignored which has gone into constructing its deck. Every component of this longboard is specially designed for commuting and cruising. Every component looks very great and is hard-wearing enough.

Now the other thing which we most like is the grip tape pattern of this longboard. It keeps your feet on the deck. The grip tape is more hardwearing and long-lasting as compared to the spray grip on the dervish.


It has a drop-through deck. The deck of this longboard is lower to the ground and ideal for Long-distance commuters. To offer greater stability

It lowers the center of gravity. This design is mostly liked by beginner riders because it inspires more confidence in them when they riding fast downhill. The drop-through design is most liked by beginners because it doesn’t require enough effort to push the longboard. So they don’t need thee feet to push the longboard for a longer distance.

Most riders like the bamboo and fiberglass deck construction because it is very sturdy. The deck of this longboard has plenty of flex and is most likely by the rider. It also offers very smoother rides because it absorbs shock and vibrations while riding on the road.

But it may be challenging to control the longboard for downhill commuters. Because it may result in speed wobbles. It can’t be controlled on the downhills.

Commuting performance:

The deck length of this longboard is 39”. Very best for cruising and commuting. It is very comfortable and feels like a regular longboard. This longboard offers very smooth cruising. Moreover, it also has awesome maneuverability, almost like a slash slide.

Wheel and trucks.

This longboard feature Orangatang Stimulus 70mm and 80a wheels which are very soft and larger. These wheels provide good performance and full comfortability. The large wheels can roll over anything. While the Softer wheels absorb the shocks and the vibrations during the riding. All these things make it the best longboard for commuting. It also maintains the rolling speed. This means it does not compromise on the speed while absorbing the shocks and vibrations.

I have personal experience with the Paris V2 reverse Kingpin Trucks. I love these because they make my ride very smooth and responsive. The ABEC-5 bearings ensure a smoother and nice ride and they also have the longboard in your control.

7:MINORITY Downhill Maple Longboard

The Minority Downhill longboard is coming with a lot of good qualities and features. Which makes this longboard an extremely great option for those who have multiple types of terrains on their way to work. Mean they need to cross multiple types of terrains and flat areas when they way to work. This balance and the structure of the Minority longboard is offering a lot of benefits to handling this type of route. This longboard rolls over the 7-inches trucks and you can adjust them over the range of 5 degrees. It offers good maneuverability.

Moreover, it is considered the best longboard for commuting downhill and other routes. It is equipped with polyurethane wheels which are very strong and buffer against vibrations to make your ride smoother. The durable maple deck makes it very durable and stable.

This deck also plays a very important role in your commuting. This means it enhances your commuting experience.

8:Sector 9 Unisex Hair Barrel Hopper

The Sector 9 Unisex longboard comes in the best longboards for commuting. Now let’s go to explain its qualities deeply.

Bamboo Construction:

This longboard is different from other longboards. Most of the longboards have a deck of maple wood ply. It is a good point about these longboards because it makes the longboard a little bit weightier. But the Sector 9 Unisex is made using bamboo. The bamboo construction is an excellent addition to this longboard. The bamboo makes a longboard lightweight. So a lightweight longboard can easily be anywhere.

Great stability:

Moreover, this longboard is very stable. This longboard can easily be pushed because it has 65mm wheels. It provides good stability with the 65mm wheels. The deck of this longboard is super-low to the ground and has drop-through mount trucks. This feature is very amazing because of this feature the longboard can easily be used.

It’s no matter what your riding style is because you will feel super stability whenever you ride. You will enjoy your every ride with super stability. The bamboo-constructed deck made it easier.

High-quality hardware:

This longboard features a 65mm 9-ball wheel and 9-inches gullwing charger trucks. The 1.125-inches high-quality flush mounts steel bolts and grip tape increases its value. An amazing point about longboard is that it comes ready to ride means you do not need to reassemble it.

High-speed bearing:

This longboard provides you speedy and very smooth ride because it features 5 PDR ABEC steel bearings. However, this bamboo-constructed longboard is very good for commuting. Every type of rider can use this.

9:Playshion Drop Through Longboard for commuting

If someone needs to ride around the city comfortably, then the PlayStation Drop through longboard is the best option. It ensures a fully comfortable ride. It has an 8-ply maple deck which means there is no question about the flexibility of this best longboard for commuting. Moreover, it also gives you enough comfort in foot placement and makes able you to easily control it. Because of its flat-cave board.

Moreover, it also has more stability because it features a drop-through mounting system. And its pushing and braking is also an effortless task. The 70 mm-sized wheels of this longboard are suited against the length of this longboard. The most amazing and crucial factor which is wanted by every rider in a commuting longboard is its ability to smoothly turn. When you are cruising around the town then you have to pass through a lot of things like cars, or other vehicles and pedestrians. Amazing you can smoothly turn this longboard in your town.

The 7” trucks and 9.1” make it a good and best cruising longboard.

Finally, this longboard is an affordable commuting longboard and the best option for beginners to the expert level rider. This cruising longboard can be a very excellent option for almost every rider from one place to another.

10:FISH SKATEBOARDS 41-Inch best longboard for commuting downhill

Now we again coming with a longboard which is best for commuting on the downhill. This best longboard for commuting is the Fish Skateboards 41-inches. The people who are looking for a perfect and versatile longboard for performing tricks and also for commuting, this cruise longboard is a solid choice for them. Now this longboard is also coming with top-notch qualities and features like other longboards on the list.

The 40” deck of this longboard is made of 8-ply pure maple wood. And gives you the most durable and possible ride. Moreover, it is also able to withstand up to 330 lbs weight which means it is also able to carry heavy people. This longboard is also a testament to aluminum trucks. To let you move very comfortably, this longboard also has a T-style truck made out of aluminum.

It has a very stylish design and you will commute on workdays with full comfort. It is worth considering that the bearings inside the wheels are very good but the exterior of the wheels is not very good. So you need to keep an extra set of wheels with you and you can change them in case of any critical situation.

Finally, all of its amazing and good qualities make it very useful.


Are longboards good for commuting?

Yes why not, the longboards are better for commuting long distances as compared to the skateboard. Longboards can cover longer distances as compared to the skateboard. Because the longboards require less effort to push. On the other side, skateboards are considered best for performing tricks and take very sharp turns.

Are cruiser longboards good for commuting?

The longboards are considered very good for commuting because they can cover long distances. When you commute the longboards for a long distance then it will give you a comfortable ride. Always select the best longboard for commuting.

Which type of longboard is easiest to ride?

Every beginner rider should take start with a cruising longboard. If you are a beginner and looking for a cruiser longboard then we will recommend at least a 30” long and 8.5” wide longboard. The wider deck is easy to balance. For cruiser longboard, the wheel size and the wheel durometer should be 60mm-70mm and 77a-83a. So these wheels can easily roll over the cracks and bumps.

What type of longboard is best for cruising?

We have the top 10 best longboards for commuting and cruising. These longboards are considered best for any type of ride.

  1. Retrospec Zed Longboard [Recommended]
  2. VOLADOR Freeride Longboard {best for commuting}
  3. Seething 42 Inch Longboard [best for commuting]
  4. White Wave Bamboo Longboard
  5. Icarus Bamboo Longboard, Loaded
  6. Loaded Boards Tan Tien Bamboo Longboard
  7. MINORITY Downhill Maple Longboard
  8. Sector 9 Unisex Hair Barrel Hopper
  9. PlayStation Drop Through Longboard for commuting
  10. FISH SKATEBOARDS 41-Inch best longboard for commuting downhill

What kind of skateboard is best for commuting?

The cruiser skateboards are also considered best for commuting. These types of skateboards are specially made for cruising. The perfect hybrid skateboard and longboard for cruising are from Landyacthz and Santa Cruz skateboards. These skateboards are good for cruising and commuting.

How do I choose my first longboard?

If you want to choose the best longboard for cruising then you must take a look at these things.

  • Your riding style
  • Deck shape, style & features
  • Length & wheelbase
  • Flex
  • Construction
  • Trucks
  • Wheels & bearings

What’s the difference between a longboard and a cruiser?

There is a little bit of difference between a cruiser and a longboard. A cruiser board is shorter in length and lightweight as compared to a longboard. The cruiser board is responsive and good for riding in tight inner-city areas. While a longboard is lengthy and turns on a wider radius. But the longboards are more stable at high speed. The longboard is very comfortable for long-distance commuting.


After reading this article very carefully, we hope that you will be able to make your choice. We have reviewed our top products. And also explain the pros and cons of all longboards. Commuting on the longboard is a very fantastic experience. If you are an expert lever rider then you can reach your destination more quickly. Moreover, it can also be stored more easily than a bike or bicycle. The commuter longboard can easily be used by everyone. The commuting longboard saves your time and money.

The Loaded Icarus board and a Bamboo longboard are a great choice for those who look for a budget-friendly and very eye-catching design longboard. It is a great longboard for commuting and cruising. As a beginner, you should get detailed information about different longboards.

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