How To Clean Snowboarding Boots? [5 Tips]

If you are a skateboarder then you must know how to clean Snowboarding boots. And it is one of the most useful skills for every skateboarding lover. Your snowboarding boots will get dirty when you cruise down the snowy slopes, boarding through the crunchy pow, or just leisurely shredding the gnar. If the users of these boots do not take care of these boots then they don’t long last. So the care of these boots is very necessary.

How do you clean dirty winter boots?

You can use soap and water to clean the winter boots. But here we have found the most convenient way to clean winter boots. Take a spray bottle and fill it with 50/50 white water and vinegar. And when you want to clean the winter boots then spritz the boots. So with this method, you can easily wipe off residue and salt by using a soft dry cloth.

So now we come to the main topic of this article which is how to clean snowboarding boots. you do need to clean your snowboard boots too often. But you can clean your outer layers or liners every once in a while if they get dirty. To keep your snowboard in good shape, you should do this properly.

I have spent most of the time of my life snowboarding. And it is now how to take care of all snowboarding equipment. The post will tell you how you can clean snowboarding boots. So if you want to learn about it then please read this article carefully. And get in touch with us.

I will explain some tips to clean them.

Clean up regularly:

This point is very important to keep your snowboard boot clean. You do need to clean the boots too often. But we recommend you clean the exterior of the snowboarding boots every once in a while during the winter season. When the winter season goes ends then do a thorough cleaning inside and out. Before keeping them in the store during the summer season.

Can the snowboarding boots be cleaned in the washing machine?

You should not wash your snowboard in a washing machine. While it might be tempting to wash these with other items in the washer, we do not recommend this to you. Because there is too much potential for damage is considered.

We recommend you clean the snowboarding boots with hand wash, do not clean them in the washing machine. Because the washing machine can rip, tear or pull apart pieces of your boots. So don’t worry because cleaning boots is not a difficult task. It can easily be cleaned through a hand wash. If you want to last for a long time then it is the best way to keep them clean.

Cleaning the exterior:

The exterior of most snowboard boots is made from synthetic or rubber material. Which is a very great thing. As you can easily clean it by using a damp cloth. Typically you can use the sponge to do this job perfectly. Take some warm water and a sponge and clean the upper and soles of the boots

In the winter season, most snowboard boots incur salt and dirt on the upper and soles. To use something harder such as a toothbrush, you may require some stubbornness. Using this method thoroughly clean the upper and soles of the snowboard boots.

After cleaning the boots, put them in the open air to dry them. Don’t rush it up, let them dry up in their own time.

Taking good care:

In the end, it depends on how well you use and take care of your boot. If you use your boot with care and also maintain them very well. Then most of their part will remain clean and when you do thorough cleaning then it will be very easy for you to do. Air-dry them regularly is one of the key aspects of good maintenance of snowboard boots.

Especially when you are on the run, doing rigorous walking or snowboarding session. Before tucking your snowboard boots in a rack you must dry them. The air-drying method is considered the best way to dry snowboard boots. If you use some other methods to dry your snowboard boots such as you put them on the heater. Then they may get damaged.

Avoid moisture:

In the winter season, snowboarding is after all a snow sport meant to be indulged. So when you wear snowboard boots you can’t avoid the moisture. However, we have some ways to mitigate the impact of moisture while wearing snowboarding boots. You should make it a hobby to air-dry your boots as often as possible.

If your socks get wet then you can also replace them. And if they get started smelling then you can also insole them. Moreover, when you do not use your boots then keep them in an open airy place as often as possible. If you will follow all these small steps, then you can remove the moisture that can damage your boots.

Wear breakable socks:

Always wear breathable socks and also make it your habit. This is also an important tip on how to clean snowboarding boots. The breathable sock plays an important role in keeping your boots clean. When you will wear breathable socks then you will feel sweatless and stay dry more. Because the breathable socks absorb sweat very well and keep your feet airy.

If you want to keep the thing even tidier, then change the breathable socks as soon as when they get damp. If you will do this then it will make sure that your snowboarding boot will mostly come in contact with the dry socks. Your shoes will produce too less unpleasant odor if you wear dry socks.

Replacing the insoles:

During the winter season, the insoles of your boots take the most beating. And bear the maximum pressure because they are directly in contact with the soles of your feet. So that’s why the insoles tend to become more sweaty and grimy before the season is over. With time, the bacteria are produced in the insoles. And it gets compressed when you keep stepping on the insoles. It is the bacterium that is the main reason for the unpleasant odor produced in your boots.

It can be a very good idea to replace the insoles in case you are not able to remove the odor from your boots. If you will do this, it will not only remove the odor but will also improve the performance of your boots. And also extends their durability.

Cleaning the insides:

If the insides of your boots stink, then it is not difficult because there are many ways by which you can easily get rid of the odor. Using baking soda is the easiest way for it.  Take some baking soda and sprinkle it on the insides of your boots. and let it stay there for a few hours. You may need to do a more thorough cleaning in case it doesn’t work.

Remove the inserts from the boots and add vinegar to warm water and a small amount of detergent. And now soak the inserts in this mixture. And let them stay for an hour. You can also use this mixture to wipe clean the insides of your boots. By doing this you can effectively cleanse the insides of your boots and remove the odor.

Can the washing machine wash the snowboard boot liners?

You don’t want to throw the liners of snowboard boots in the washing machine like with the outer part of your snowboard boots. The most important of your snowboard boots is the liner and you don’t want to ruin them by running through the washer.

Machine washing can be more damaging than washing things by hand. So you can’t wash the snow boots liners in the washing machine.

How do you get rid of the smell from snowboard boots?

It was very easy. You can easily smell snowboard boots by using silicon gel packs. Place the Silicon gel packs inside the boots. And it will help to keep your boots dry by absorbing moisture. The moisture is the main reason for smelling of the boot.

can snowboard boots be washed?

Yes, the snowboard boots can easily be a wash. First, remove the liners from the snowboard boots and allow them to dry. Use a gentle detergent to clean the inside and outside of the boot. And dry it with a towel. And then keep them in an open airy place overnight.

how do you dry snowboard boots?

Drying snowboard boots will make them fresh and also increase your snowboarding performance. We recommend to you always use breathable socks. And also avoid moisture. There are more effective and safest ways to keep your boots dry. Boots dryers are considered the safest and fastest way for it. It is the most effective way to dry leather boots. There are many other useful methods to keep your boots dry.

You can also be filling your boots with riced stuffed socks and keep them in a sealed container with grains. Also stuffing and wrapping them with newspaper or towels. And hang them on the front cage of the fan overnight.

How do you clean smelly snowboard boots?

The best and safest way to clean smelly snowboard boots is by washing my hands. To make everything fresh and removes the bacteria build-up from boots you can use a cleaning detergent with fragrance. If your boots smell then you will need to wash them several times.


We hope that now your question about how to clean snowboarding boots will be cleared. And now you can easily clean your snowboarding boots. The cleaning of snowboarding boots is not a difficult task. Just read this article carefully and follow all steps one by one. Then you will be able to clean your boots.

The most important thing that you should know is that don’t wash your boots in a washer. Always clean with your hands.

If you have still something in your mind then you can contact us.

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