Best Skateboard Grip Tapes

Best cheap Skateboards grip tape review and buying guide:

A grip tape is an important component of the skateboard like other components. Pro-level skaters always emphasize the grip of the skateboard as a grip tape is very helpful in controlling the skateboard. A grip tape greatly improves the friction between your feet and the skateboard. Because of it, you can better control the skateboard. A grip tape has very important like other components of the skateboard. The skateboard grip tapes also make the skateboards more attractive.

Because the skateboard grip tape is available in different colors and designs, so the users can select their favorite color and design. By using a good grip tape on your skateboard, you can get a better experience during skateboarding. However, the black color grip tape is good but it depends on you which design of grip tape you like. So you need to choose good quality grip tape for your skateboard.

The market is full of a lot of grip tapes but it may be a very challenging task for a skater to choose the right. By choosing a low-quality grip tape, you face problems controlling the skateboard and may lose control. And you cannot get a better experience with your skateboard without grip tape. So it is very important to choose the right and good quality grip tape for the skateboard.

The main aim of this article is the review best skateboard grip tapes. We have picked the best skateboard grip tapes for you. All these tapes will make your skateboarding flawless and more enjoyable. These tapes will also make your riding very safe and secure.

List of top 10 best skateboard grip tapes:

When you are in the market to buy a grip tape for your skateboard, you must know the size of your skateboard. And then choose the right one so it fits perfectly with your skateboard. We have picked the top 10 best skateboard grip tapes that you can select for your skateboard. All these are coming with very good quality and designs. These tapes will increase the skateboarding experience and make your riding very safe.

So let’s start the review of our top picks.


1:Mob Skateboard Grip Tape Sheet Black [Recommended]

The first one in our list of best skateboard grip tapes is the MOB Skateboard grip tape. This is the most popular grip tape in the market and is also recommended by most professional skaters. It is like by every rider. And is very popular. The MOB Skateboard grip tape is coming with minimalist designs and subtle color options and is 9-inches wide and 3-inches long.

The skater can make their skateboard more attractive by using this grip tape. This tape has hundreds of Invisibles that allow air to pass through and resulting in a bubble-free application. It is the very best and ideal choice for beginner skaters who can’t apply the tape on the skateboard without the bubbles.

It can stick very well on the deck of the skateboard and it is very suitable in every weather. Because it is fully waterproof and you can also get better results in the rainy weather. It has a sharp silicon-carbide-grit that can wear off the bottom of your footwear.

So must use the specially designed skate shoes with this grip tape. However, this grip tape starts as sharp, it mellows down over time into a finish. That is good for grip and your shoes. The newest versions of the grip use a modern process that binds the design into grit. And it does not peel off.  Moreover, it is also beneficial for those skaters who loos for a rugged grip tape. Because this tape also has tear-proof properties. So it won’t be shredded into pieces.

But also keeps in your mind that the ruggedness of the grip tape makes it difficult to cut it into pieces.

2:Mr. Pen- Grip Tape, 10″ x 36″

Now this skateboard grip is the Mr. Pen Grip Tape. This grip tape can cover any sized deck because its size is 10×36 inches. It is also an affordable grip tape on this list. Its quality is comparable with costly grip tapes. This means that the quality of this affordable grip tape is very good which we can compare with the priciest tapes. This grip tape is very easy to stick on the deck of the skateboard because of its bubbles-free application. This means the beginners can also apply this on their skateboards very easily.

It also makes your skating in every season because this grip tip sticks very well in every type of weather. Moreover, after sticking the tape you can easily trim this tape. When you are cutting the tape you feel like you are the paper. It is very smooth and hassle-free to put on the deck.

I have also purchased this grip tape but I have not used it on the board. I use it on my scooter. It sticks very nicely and gives good results in the cold and heat.

This product is also coming with a foam roller that you can use for uneven surfaces of the deck while sticking the tape. Lay the tape down and roll the roller with full pressure. And watch it work its wonders. This tape is very grippier and does not wreck the shoes like other grip tapes. I would recommend this affordable grip tape. You will feel a lot of traction.

3:Jessup Skateboard Grip tape Sheet[: Best budget grip tape]

The 3rd one on the list of best skateboard grip tapes is the Jessup skateboard grip tape. Which is very suitable for every skater like beginner and expert level. To hold the tough impact, it is coated with rugged aluminum oxide grit with an aggressive adhesive. This grip tape comes in standard size. And it is also available in other sizes for other skateboards. The users can choose this grip tape in every size for their skateboards or longboards.

Moreover, it also boasts a solvent-based adhesive with a firm grip. Amazingly, its surface also bubbles free which makes it easy to stick. It sticks firmly to the surface of the deck. This grip tape is a mellow tape which makes it a very good option for beginners. The people who want their shoes last a long, the Jessup grip tape is also best for those. Also an ideal option for casual skaters.

However, this grip tape mellows down faster as compared to the other grip tapes. The tape would not stay in place for the aggressive skaters. The strong adhesive is best for casual skaters because it allows them to perform their tricks.

4:ZUEXT Waterproof Scooter Grip Tape

The ZUEXT skateboard grip tape is a combination of thickness and stickiness because this grip tape is thick. The silicon carbide grit makes it very long last and it doesn’t wear down quickly like another tape. This means the silicon carbide makes it very durable. And it has superior quality because of this silicon carbide grit. The super binging and sticky adhesive is used in the ZUEXT which allows you to ride in the hot and cold. In every type of weather condition, it will not compromise on stickiness. This feature makes it the best skateboard grip tape for beginners.

The ZUEXT grip tape is best for every rider pros and beginners. Moreover, along with the long-lasting feature of the superior adhesive, it is also affordable. This skateboard grip tape is very brittle and should not worry about it being flaky. Because it adheres greatly to the surface at which it is applied.

Moreover, its application is hassle-free because of its bubbles-free surface. This means it can easily be applied. The beginners will not be disturbed. The skater who wants to show off the exclusive designs of their skateboards can use this grip tape. Because this grip tape will increase the beauty and the attraction of the skateboard.

Furthermore, it is not completely transparent, it is milky translucent. As it offers coat grit, its application is very easy. Please note that, don’t apply it on bare skin mistakenly. It can harm your skin. The cleat grip tape won’t come from the side under extreme weather conditions.

5:Black Diamond Sheet of Grip Tape (Best skateboard grip tape)

Now we start the review of our 5th product included in our list of best skateboard grip tapes. This grip tape is a Black diamond sheet. This grip tape is best and suitable for all kinds of skateboard and longboard decks. Because this longboard has a generous size of 10×48 inches. The grit is very durable and made from industry-standard silicon.

Moreover, this brand also offers an amazing level of customization. From solid colors like yellow, teal, gray, green, black, and blue to full print like caution, camo, and clear. In the dark variant, they even offer a glow which is rare in the longboard grip tapes. There is a thing that I dislike is how we buy different multiple sheets of different colors and then cut them according to our favorite design that we want.

Amazingly its application is very easy. Just peel and stick it on the deck of the skateboard. Its cutting is also very easy and satisfying. When we cut it, feels just like paper.

According to my experience and opinion, I feel this black diamond grip tape is very grippy. Practicing my trick felt effortless. But here I noticed that my shoes scraped off a bit faster. If you want to perform tricks by using this grip tape for your skateboard. Then we will recommend you to use good quality skating shoes. Moreover, if you are looking for a secure grip for longboarding downhill then this is the best option for you

Moreover, it also comes at an affordable price. The thing I most like about this is that it offers good quality at a cheap price. Which makes it a steal deal and also different from other brands.

6: Black Widow 9″ x 33″ Skateboard Griptape

The Black Widow is our sixth-best skateboard grip tape and around for a decade now. And also know best and good for its longboards and cruisers. This grip tape is also very grippy for skateboards. The Black Widow is the best skateboard grip tape for the amount on its price tag. This means that this grip tape is coming at an affordable price now.

This grip tape is now coming with a lot of attractive qualities. It also has weather resistance properties. This means that in the hot and cold weather it will give you good results, not disappoint you.

If we compare it with our other grip tapes then it is not offering a lot of colors and designs. It is just coming in a few colors and designs. But still, you can get vibrant blues and red and classic checkered patterns.

7: Rayauto Outdoor Skateboard Longboard Cruiser Board grip tape

To express the aesthetic side the Rayauto grip tape is the best choice for you. The high-density diamonds and premium quality material is used to make this skateboard grip tape. That’s why this grip tape is grainy. All of these things make the Rayauto very trusted and durable grip tape. This grip tape also comes on the list of durable and strong skateboard grip tapes.

The amazing and most good thing about this grip tape is that it is waterproof. It is wear-resistance and has a very unique design. It has super sticky adhesives, bonding with the skateboard deck solid. Moreover, it has a perforated surface which means its application is bubble-free. Everyone can easily apply it on the skateboard without any hassle. Its applications were very easy and quick.

This grip tape can be used on scooters, cruiser boards, and skateboards. Rayauto grip tape provides a very attractive design and image and color saturation. Which makes your skating experience more beloved and attractive. It is a distinct piece of art because of awesome sticky adhesive artwork.

Best and ideal option for every rider, both pros, and beginners.

8: SUABO Skull Pattern Skateboard Grip Tape 

It can be deceiving from the incorrect spelling of the “pattern”. But it is also one of the best skateboard grip tapes like other tapes on the market. The material used to make this skateboard grip tape is a dark granular mineral which is also called emery. This grip is also waterproof and wear-resistant.

It has a sticky surface of the adhesive sandpaper which doesn’t easily fall off. And is also very durable. It is not only a grip tape for skateboard boards. Its unique style and graphics make it more attractive which is also a perfect gift for holidays like birthdays, Christmas, and other. According to my personal experience, I first time used this grip tape for the scooter of my nephew. And he rides very safely. And he also feels it is more grippy and secure.

Moreover, its cutting process is also very easy, like a traditional grip tape. If you will try this once, you will never be disappointed and get positive results.

Furthermore, it also offers more unique and attractive skateboard grip tape designs which can easily be applied on any skateboard. It can easily be used on any surface like a scooter, cruiser boards, longboards, and skateboard. The colors are very relaxing to look at.

9: Shake Junt Spray Grip Tape for skateboards

The Shake Junt spray is one of the best and very famous grip tape brands in the market. And Shake Junt is serving its customers with a lot of skate accessories. This grip tape has a slightly better grip when compare with Grizzly grip tape. But it is not very sharp to ruin your footwear. When you are performing flip tricks, it catches your foot. But after over time it does not mellows down. When we come to its application then it may

be brittle and chip off when you do not stick it properly.

Moreover, the Shake just grip tape doesn’t peel off faster and its edges will not affect your skateboard performance.

This tape is fully water resisted and doesn’t give bad results in humid weather. The green shake just which is printed on it enhances its beauty and gives it a more cool appearance. But here it has only a few colors option just green, yellow, and red designs.

10: Gonex Skateboard Grip Tape

Now we are going to review our last product in our list of best skateboard grip tapes. Which is the Gonex Skateboard grip tape. This grip tape is designed for kids and every rider. It is now coming with a lot of amazing features and also comes in various designs and colors. This grip tape is made of premium material which is carborundum. And this material makes it very grippy, waterproof, and anti-slip.

The Gonex Skateboard grip tape doesn’t wear off too soon because it is super sticky. And also features a built-in glue which makes it very sticky. Moreover, the bubbles-free application makes it very easy to apply. This means it can easily be applied. It also provides great friction between your shoes and the deck of the skateboard. Its cutting can be challenging because the tape is very thick.

After you applied it to the deck of your skateboard, it looks very beautiful and attractive. It doesn’t wear very quickly. This means it is very durable.


Is clear grip tape good for skateboarding?

Yes, a clear grip take is very good for skateboarding. A good grip tape enhances your riding experience and also makes your riding very safe.

Are Clear Grip Tapes good?

Yes, why not the clear grip tapes are very good and important for skateboarding. Good grip tape makes good friction between your shoes and the deck of the skateboard. And also provide good stability.

Is Black Widow grip tape Good?

Yes, the Black Widow grip tape is a very good skateboard grip tape. It is very easy to stick and cut. One side of this grip tape is adhesive and the other side has a very attractive gritty texture.

Is 80 Grit grip tape Good?

The grip tapes are available in 80 grit and 60 grit. The skateboard performs very best when it provides sure footing and freedom movements too.

Is Jessup ultra Griptape good?

Yes, the Jessup Ultra-grip tape is a very good s=grip tape for the skateboard. Because it is very easy to cut and apply. Moreover, it also has long last gripping.

Is Jessup Griptape good?

Yes, it is a very good skateboard grip tape. It has good quality and grip. Very easy to apply.

What grit is Jessup griptape?

It is a 60 grit grip tape. It is the same as a traditional grip tape. Which is very great for every type of skateboarding.


The market is full of thousands of skateboard grip tapes so choosing the right one can be a very challenging task for the rider. So to solve this problem we have reviewed the top 10 best skateboard grip tapes. These grip tapes add a lot of grip to your ride and also makes your ride more efficient. So for good, efficient, and safe riding a good quality and durable skateboard grip tape is very necessary.

I will also advise you to choose the best one after brief research. All these grip tapes are coming with durability and good grip.

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