Best Skate Shoes For Flat Feet 101 Guide

Most of us are born with flat feet but an area of our feet gets a lift as our age passes. Which is often called an arch. Everyone did not know about it but the height of flat feet varies from person to person.

So if you also have flat feet and you are a skateboarder, then you would know better that your footwear requires more features as compared to the regular skate shoe. In this situation, you should look for the best skate shoes for flat feet.

Are flat feet good for skateboarding?

Yes, good question. So if have taken the proper precautions and also wear suitable footwear then flat feet will affect skateboarding. To skateboard more comfortably and also prevent foot and ankle injuries, you should look for the right insoles.

In this post, we have picked some best skate shoes for flat feet and we will review them. So you can easily select the best one. So before going to start a review of our best products, first we discuss some primary specifications of the skate shoes.

Primary specifications of best skateboard shoes:

If you want to buy the best skateboard shoes for flat feet then you should look for these specifications.


The insoles are the inner parts of the skate shoes and these are very critical components of the skate shoes. And your feet are covered by these components. Whether you have flat feet or not. Always wear supportive insoles when skateboarding. So now you will be happy because nowadays manufacturers make insoles for a different purpose. They can be impacted for optimum foot alignment, pressure reduction, absorption, and more. You can find these brands like shock doctor, Nike, Adidas, and FitzSole.


Overpronation is a common issue that is mostly found in people with flat feet. In this condition, the ankle bends overly and leading to various injuries.

When you have this issue then you need a pair like Adidas and Tyshawn in feet. And these are characterized by midsoles and medium-high cuts. To protect the foot with every step, the sole will absorb the impact. Moreover, the shoes are low on top.


Whether the shoes will fit perfectly to the user or not, is determined by the shape of the skateboarding shoes. As we know that the shape varies from one person to another, so we should find one that suits flat feet. So when you are in the market to buy the best skate shoes for flat feet then also keep this aspect in your mind.

Moreover, if you are a skateboarder and use narrow-shaped shoes for flat feet. Then you will feel discomfort and tightness. So use a pair of sneakers with a big toe area.

In this article on the best skate shoes for flat feet, we will go more deeply into these aspects. So to get all the important information you should keep reading this article.

So now we are going to briefly explain all of our best products.

1: WITHIN Men’s Cross-Trainer

The WITHIN Men’s Cross trainer is our 1st product in the list of best skate shoes for flat feet. This trainer shoe is a unique pack out if multiple pairs are displayed. It conforms to the rider’s foot because these shoes come in an unusual shape. To secure all the areas of the feet, this brand designs its shoes anatomically. It is naturally comfortable and fits snugly that’s why I like it. For skateboarders, these shoes offer many conveniences.

These shoes free the rider from fiddling with shoelaces every time because each shoe comes with a non-tie design. People who are always in hurry will like this feature because to adjust the tightness of shoes they simply press the lock. And pull the laces on either end. I think it is rare to find rubber soles of the quality of this brand. These best shoes not only look unique, but they are also ready to take any activity.

When you use these shoes for skating then they grip well on the skateboard because they are slip-resistant. Moreover, these shoes also provide a balance of flexibility. That’s why any rider who uses these shoes have optimum control of the skateboard.

The most amazing thing is that these shoes have insoles for flat feet. Each shoe gives the feet a natural position because each shoe has a flat zero drop sole. This aspect improves the skateboarder’s posture by reducing the stress on the rider’s joints.

2: Vans Men’s Low-Top Sneakers

Now, there are the Van Men’s Low top Sneakers. And comes at the 2nd number in our list of best skate shoes for flat feet. These best skate shoes are mostly liked by skaters. They love the canvas exterior of these shoes. Moreover, the shoes with canvas exteriors feel light and easy to wear.

However, these shoes do not have any thick padding from any corner. But these shoes provide excellent comfort. But otherwise, I have used it for months. So I think the design was flimsy.

Because of the shoelaces, I feel these best skateboard shoes are unique. In past, I have used the classic Van non-slip. But when I have tried these then I feel they are more adjustable. Moreover, a person who has big flat feet can also use these shoes because these shoes have plenty of space. These best skate shoes are not only easy to adjust, but they are also protective. When I was recovering from injuries, these shoes support my feet well.

Because of these outer soles, a fraction of skateboarder also opts for these best shoes. These best shoes yield optimum grip against the gritty surface of the skateboard. Because these are waffle shoes. My favorite skateboard components are the gum soles because they are perfectly elastic to match the rider’s movements.

3: Emerica Men’s Pillar Mid Top Vulc, the best skate shoes for flat feet

This is our 3rd product in our list of best skate shoes for flat feet. And it is coming with many benefits. These sneakers are considered very best for skating because they are also used by professionals. Moreover, these shoes provide more protection and also keep your flat feet in place tightly to reduce slippage. Because these shoes come with great ankle support and ample padding around the collar.

According to our test, we feel this shoe most durable because along with the suede upper and rubber ollie guard the double wrap vulcanized sole has rubber taping which goes up higher around the outside of the shoe. The sole of these shoes comes in two different tread patterns in the middle.           One can adjust one’s foot position for different tricks using the dots on the forefoot. There are tighter lines in the heel area, which helps flip tricks and grip the board very well.

The Emerica brand is still making quality skate shoes for several decades because it is a skater-owned brand. So these shoes are an idea for skateboarders. The stability can be decreased with these shoes because sits slightly higher above the ground. Because the sole of this shoe is thick. But the amazing thing is that when the shoe broke in, the footbed sank.

Moreover, ankle support is also provided by the Pilar. And the insoles of the pilar are very flat and also provide arch support. This is an excellent skate shoe for flat feet that provides enough protection and support.

4: Etnies Barge LS Skate Shoe

At 4th number we have the Etnies Barge LS Skate Shoe these are also the best skate shoes for flat feet. These best shoes come with sufficient comfort. The tongue and collar paddings ensure soft feelings on all corners of your feet. Why do we like it more? As they are moderately thin. That’s why these shoes are not bulky and very light to use. In solving fast feet issues, these sneakers work very well. These sneakers will give a snug feeling to your feet because they use the foam lite 1 insole.

The main purpose of these inserts is also to support the user’s postures and movements. These insoles can sustain the flat-footed skater, whether they are standing, cruising, or doing tricks on the skateboard.

As the shape of these shoes is very slim so narrow-footed people can get benefits from these shoes. With the first use, they felt these shoes very comfortable. Moreover, these best skate shoes for flat feet use the stitches that I love. And these stitches also make the shoes very durable. And because of these stitches, these shoes also look clean.

5: Adidas Originals Men’s City Cup

This is 5th best product in our list of best skate shoes for flat feet. It is another fantastic skateboard shoe that is mostly liked by people. Moreover, these best shoes for skating are also thin and super lightweight. To provide you with full comfort and protection these shoes also have some padding.

Cup soles break in quickly and conform to the foot’s movements easily. For increased stability and board feel the foot sits very low in the footbed. And it was unmatched in our testing lineup. Around the toe area and laces, the upper is the suede. It has mesh heel and side panels for ventilation and it is ideal for flip tricks. Leather is also perforated where the laces meet to the toe for added breathability. For increased traction, the sole of this shoe has a tread pattern around the outsole. For maximum control of tricks, it works in the conjunction with the suede around the toe.

During our testing, these Adidas shoes held up very well. Because suede is the most durable material for skateboarding. Moreover, it might not fit properly for a person with wide feet. Because this is a narrow shoe. So the arch support is also minimal in this shoe and there is no ankle support.

6: Emerica Wino Cruiser Skate Shoe

This is the Emerica Wino Cruiser Skate shoe and it is our 6th best skate shoe for flat feet. As the extravagant design is not liked by everyone. So they should go with this best skate shoe. Because it doesn’t have any fancy details and cuts. I love it due to its simple design. And it looks a bit minimalist. It has a rubber toe protector and a decent lace-up closer which makes me very happy.

Moreover, I am very happy trying these shoes because I never knew how good textile is used. The 100% textile is used by the Emerica brand. So that’s why it is very beneficial. The first benefit is that it keeps the footwear very light. The second benefit is that these shoes are soft and breathable. So if these shoes are used by the skaters then their feet will remain dry all day.

I think in terms of impact absorption these shoes also do very well. Each shoe offers a full-length midsole which is primarily responsible for having shocks that penetrate the feet. Moreover, skateboarders who are flat-footed will always feel painless after landing from tricks or stunts. Because it is a full-size cushion.

The durability is another aspect that I mostly liked about these sneakers. However, they may look flimsy to some people but the structure of these shoes is vulcanized. This means that these shoes have enough wear resistance. Moreover, these shoes can match the skateboarder’s movements because the soles of these sneakers are very flexible.

That’s why these are considered the best skate shoes for flat feet.

7: DC Men’s Kalis Vulc Low Top 

This is the DC Men’s Kalis Vulc Low Top best skate shoes for flat feet. And these come at the 7th number on our list. This is another updated version of the classic. But this Kalis Vulc can be a great choice for a skater because this is a thinner and slimmer shoe. And also very less in weight and comes in a simpler vulcanized sole. And it does not requires time to break in. Moreover, it is very comfortable to skate shoes for flat feet.

For flip tricks, the suede toe is very great for these shoes. This means that these shoes will be good for you if you want to perform tricks. And during our testing, it held up well. And we also feel it is very durable. So our team of experts likes it very much. Moreover, it offers adequate ventilation because of the mesh tongue and collar. And also doesn’t compromise on the structure of the shoe. As it comes with a vulcanized sole which is very grippy.

If professional skateboarders will try these shoes once they will become very happy. Because these shoes have a lot of benefits for skateboarding. The most amazing thing about these shoes is that the insoles of these shoes are very plush and soft. So that’s why these provide some impact protection. I feel these best skate shoes for flat feet very comfortable.

So there is also a drawback of these shoes which is the lack of lace protection.

8: Emerica Men’s Reynolds G6

This is the Emerica Men’s Reynolds G6 and it is our 8th-best skate shoe for flat feet. These are the most durable and finest shoes for skating. And you never wear these shoes. These shoes are also very comfortable. Once you use it then you will mostly like it. These skate shoes have stitched suede upper sides. These shoes come with a double-sided thermal welded cap that creates a construction that lasts long. These best skate shoes come to have a perforated lycra spandex tongue and it is properly padded. Moreover, to improve breathability, it is also full of small holes.

These best shoes have a lot of support for the skater because they have a pour-over polyurethane midsole. We recommend you insert better-quality insoles. These shoes come with an overall amount of comfort as they have well-padded collars.

These shoes are the best skate shoes for flat feet as they are very grippy. Moreover, they have a triangular tread that makes them very grippy.

9: Adidas Originals Men’s Busenitz

There is the Adidas Originals Men’s Busenitz best skate shoes for flat feet. Adidas always outperforms its competitor when we talk about shoes that last. The Adidas iconic logo always features solid construction. Moreover, these shoes offer the 3 strips that are noticeable because they let you know that they are not crappy stuff.

For maximum ankle and heel support, the back of the heel is thickly padded. And the too, collar and packs are also massive paddings. That makes it more supportive and comfortable. However, the tongue of this shoe does not perforated. Here you may not expect too much breathability.

This shoe showcase decent stitching at the front. I have seen most skate shoes but this one has slightly more stitching that makes the shoe more sturdy.

For max grip and support, the outsoles are tread design. When a skater does all sorts of jumps and tricks then these shoes offers ample support. Because they have very thick soles.

The most amazing thing about these shoes is that they are long las and durable shoes as well as offer comfort and support

10:Vans Men Docket Skate Suede

Now we are at the review of our last best skate shoes for flat feet. Which is the Vans Men docket skate suede. Now, these shoes are also very durable, comfortable, and roomy. These shoes come with a double-stitched toe cap that increases longevity.

But what do you know about the arch support of these shoes? These best shoes for skating provide a lot of support to the wearer as they have Die-cut EVA midsoles.

Moreover, on the breathable portion of the upper’s side, there is an embroidered vans logo. That enhances the beauty of the shoes. And also makes able the buyer easily recognize the brand. And this logo also provides a pleasing contrast. But these shoes look a bit clunky. So they feel painfully heavy during skating. But these shoes are super comfy when we test them.

Furthermore, these shoes are designed for enhanced support and cushioning because they have ortholite performance insoles. These shoes have supremely padded tongues and durable gum outsoles that last the year. While the soles of these shoes are durable.


Can I do skating with flat feet or not?

Ys you can do but you should follow the proper precaution. You should use the best skate shoes for flat feet and also install the right kind of soles. Then you can do skateboarding.

What we should look for when we want to buy skate shoes for flat feet?

According to the experts when you want to buy the best skate shoes for flat feet then you should look for the right supportive sole. The sole should be cushioning and absorbent to take on shocks. And should have moderate flexibility. If you choose the right shoes for skating then you may not face any problems when skating.

DO the skate shoes have arch support?

Running shoes or skate shoes come with attached soles and we can also replace the insoles of these shoes.  Both high arches have adequate arch support. And these can be very helpful during skating.

Final words:

If you are a skateboarder as well as also a skateboard lover and you are worried about your flat feet. And in this situation, you should read this article carefully because we always share very helpful information with our visitors. So in this article, we have reviewed some best skate shoes for flat feet. And if you are also flat-footed but also want to do skating then get on these shoes. Because all of our products are tested before reviewing. So you can read about them and then select the best one.

All our shoes are coming with amazing features and provide you with full comfort and also increase performance.

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