Retrospec Longboard Review

Longboarding is the best hobby to pass your free time. You can enjoy your free time and fresh your mind by longboarding. You can cruise around your town on your longboard and enjoy your free time and also calm your mind. Moreover, if you are a professional and able to do some tricks then you can make your longboarding more exciting.

If you are using the right brand of longboard, then the longboarding can be more and more enjoyable with a lot of fun. The right brand longboard offers a lot of features and quality to make your longboarding more comfortable.

So it can be confusing for you to select the right brand longboard from the market. Because the market is full of various longboard brands. And if you are still stuck and confused to select the best one. Then the Retrospec longboard review can be very helpful for you. 

Now my main topic of this post is the Reptrospec Longboard review. You could be seeing this brand’s name for the first time. But it is the very popular brand name of the longboard. But this brand is the top choice of many professional riders. Initially, this company was a bicycle manufacturing company. However, now this company is manufacturing longboards and is become a very popular brand in the longboarding industry.

So today I will review the Retropec Zed Bamboo Longboard.

Retrospec Longboard Review
Retrospec Longboard Review

Key features of Retropec longboard:

  • To reduce the impact of wheel bite, it has well-milled wheels
  • Have 7-inches long Aluminum Reverse Kingpin trucks which are fully responsive.
  • 70-50mm wheels which make it good for a smoother ride
  • Also features a solid maneuverability
  • Fully ready to ride right out of the box because it comes completely assembled
  • It is very flexible because it is created with natural materials

What things make the Retrospec Longboard unique?

Following things makes the Retrospec Longboard very unique and attracts every skater.

  • It is very easy to use
  • Have good stability
  • Sturdiness
  • Best for beginners, intermediate and professional riders
  • Every skateboarder can easily learn with this longboard
  • Offering good value for the money

All the above things make it very useful and unique for adventures and unforgettable rides. The Retrospec Brand comes to make your longboarding smooth, unique, cool, and effortless. No other brand longboards will take off your longboarding than the Retrospec Longboard.

Retro look:

The Retrospec justifies its brand name more precisely by giving a classy vintage look to the Retropec longboards. The Zed longboard is an example that explains its brand name. More than its vintage appearance the Retrospec have vibrant color options for longboard lovers.

The Retrospec longboard offers more than 15 eye-catching and unique designs for you. It fully depends on you what type your riding style is and what is your personality, so you can select them accordingly.

Incredible Affordability:

By keeping the beginners in mind, the Retrospec Zed Longboards are manufactured. Yet, the Retrospec force delivers top-notch quality longboards with an affordable price range as compared to its rival brands. The Retrospec believes that beginners always look for an affordable and nicely balanced skateboard instead of an expensive longboard. By keeping in mind the superior quality of longboards along with the lower price is a total sense

Environment-friendly longboards:

The other skateboards are made from hardwood of trees, maple, oak, and such, but the Retrospec Zed Bamboo longboard is made from sustainable bamboo. The Retrospec ensures an environment-friendly move since the bamboo grows much faster than other valuable trees.

This means that the natural resources are not wasted much in the manufacturing of Retrospec longboards. The Retrospec Longboards always ensure smoother skate riding because the bamboo longboards are lighter than wooden boards.

Retrospect Longboard review (Zed Bamboo longboard)

By the positive feedback of various riders, we have unbiased the Retropec Longboard review. This longboard is considered very best for longboarding among various professional and beginner riders. This Longboard is coming with the best combination of price and quality. This Retrospec Longboard has two styles: pintail & the cruise.

In Los Angeles, the Retrospec Zed Longboard is created and this is a handcrafted longboard. The natural materials are used to create this handcrafted longboard. With a beautiful vintage appearance, this Retrospec longboard is made of sustainable bamboo.

First of all, we will take a look at the key features of the Retropec Longboard.

Zed Cruiser style:

In the cruiser style. this Retrospec Longboard is coming with an 8-ply maple deck and 44-inches quality bamboo. And this board size is very massive. Regardless of the rider’s size, this longboard is offering enough space for foot placement because it has a 9.5-inches wide deck.

It can be a challenging task for you to carry this longboard along with you because it has a massive deck. Moreover, if you have taken a look at other components of this longboard then you will not be disappointed. Because the other components also have very good quality. This longboard has 7-inches long Aluminum reverse kingpin trucks which are extremely responsive. Furthermore, this longboard is offering very high-speed and smoothness while cruising because it has ABEC-7 bearings.

This longboard has large and broad wheels with a diameter of 70×50 mm. However, the wheels are causing some disturbance during riding at faster speeds because they little stiff. But intermediate and beginner riders do not claim about the toughness of the wheels of this longboard.

Now you will be very glad because this longboard is offering multiple color options. And also makes able you to choose your favorite color. Bondi blue, Aqua fishtail, and Pewter point are included in its color options.

Zen pintail style:

This style of the longboard is a little bit shorter in length than the cruiser-style longboard. The deck size of this style Retropec longboard is 41-inches. The deck shape of this longboard is also a little bit different from the Cruise style Retrospec longboard. For heavier riders, this style of the longboard is not the best. But all other qualities of this type of longboard are the same as a cruise-style longboard.

These longboards have a lot of good qualities. The Retrospec Zed Bamboo longboards have a good and best thing which is that they are ready when they are put out of the box. But we recommend checking the truck and tightening the bolts before starting longboarding with these.


The material that is used to design the Retropsec Zed Bamboo Longboard has a lot of gracious benefits. The manufacturers of Zed Bamboo Longboard use the sublime combo of bamboo and maple in its 8-ply construction. And make its retro look and feel.

Bamboo is used as the primary material in it which makes it feel very lightweight, while maple is used to add superior durability. More so, the deftly crafted longboards provide you with comfortable maneuvers.


When you want to buy a new longboard, then the size and shape of the longboard have great importance because it determines how well you can adapt to the gear.

The Zed Bamboo longboards are 9.5-inches wide and have a 44-inches long deck. With the longer board and easy-to-rest width, the rider will be breezing to cruise throughout their rides.

If its shape is talked about, then the board boasts a pintail design, With more relatively convenience it allows you to cut through the air. It also ensures a firmer grip.


The company has focused on providing stress-free maneuvers through its trucks. Instead of any other things, the company focused on providing stress-free maneuvers. So it may not impress those who love to perform tricks.

On the rear, it has a 7.5-inches wide Aluminum made inverted Kingpin style truck, while on the front, it has 8-inches wide trucks with harder bushings. Which makes it a little bit difficult to perform tricky turns. But again this longboard is intended for beginners which you should keep in mind the purchasing a new one.


Now we take a look at the wheels of the Retrospec Zed Bamboo longboard. To add impressive smoothness, the Zed longboard has 70mm highly shock-absorbent polyurethane wheels. However, you may feel the wheels a little bit hard during cruising because of their 85a hardness. It increases the effort, which is required for maneuvering especially when you want to attempt curvy turns.

The Board is coming with ABEC-7 bearings which can be replaced.

Are Zed longboard good?

We have discussed all the aspects related to skating and the key features of this unique brand skateboard. Here’s how we figured out, what the Retrospec Longboards are very good and what they are not good.

Other qualities offered by the Retrospec Zed bamboo longboard:

The Zed Bamboo longboard has many other qualities. All of its features and qualities make it good and valuable for beginners, intermediate and professional riders.

Have anti-bite technology:

Every rider always tries to avoid wheel bite at all costs. Every rider put it in mind when buying a longboard. The Retrospec Longboards offer comfortable and easiest riding. It is equipped with anti-bite technology. You can enjoy your riding comfortably and seamlessly.

High-speed and accuracy for a safe ride:

It has precision ball bearings that have an ABEC-7 tolerance grade and is considered ideal for safe rides. These also ensure high speed and extreme running accuracy. Also capable of handling all of your adventures.

Greater Stability:

These longboards have greater stability. The Zed’s 8-ply constructed deck maple and sustainable bamboo ensures great stability.

Slick and Grip:

Along with the rock finish for superior grip, it has shock-absorbent 70mm Polyurethane wheels to enhance your riding experience. And also make it smooth and safe.

The deck is hard as a rock:

The Retrospec Longboard is 44-inches long and hard like a rock. With this enormous longboard, you fumble. It has trucks that are Chinese-made.

Uncommon wheels:

The Retrospec Longboard has very wide and generic wheels. The wider wheels create more friction and cause it harder to push and roll slower. These longboards can be best for beginners because they may not care. However, the people who want to just cruise are going to be upset because these wheels are too big. And bigger size wheels are faster.

The Bearings of Retrospec Longboard are mediocre:

When I teach people, how to ride a longboard, then I use a drop-down that is 4-inches away from the ground.

The Retrospect Longboard is giving a higher center of gravity. That’s why you have to upgrade the bearings, and wheels, shorten the board and add some flex to the deck.

If you like to stand on a stiff piece of wood and a generic wide wheel then it is ideal for you. I am very happy with this purchase, but the wheels and bearings can be a little bit costly. That’s why the board itself is fine.

You should adjust your truck before starting the riding:

I was very excited about this longboard. This board was adorable and I couldn’t wait much to get this longboard. It got here quickly. The box of the board was huge and the board is also big.

When I saw this skateboard I fell in love. And I couldn’t wait more and ride it. And that was my downfall. It was very important to me that is it ready to ride or not. But in the product details, it is clearly stated that the board is fully assembled and ready to ride.

But unfortunately, the trucks on board were not so tight, they were loose and I got on the board and start riding. I lost my balance and fell. I get not hurt myself. I have known better than the wheel was making noise but I ignored them.

So we highly recommend adjusting fully tight your longboard’s trucks before starting your ride on it.

You will be very happy when riding on it:

As a beginner, if you want to perform something very nice and easy to learn on but still reasonably affordable then the Retrospec longboard is the best choice for you. The Retrospec rides very smoothly and makes your ride very enjoyable. Moreover, due to its lightweight structure, you can carry it around.

Great board for price:

If you are a beginner and looking for a skateboard that makes your ride smooth and enjoyable at a reasonable price. Then the Retrosec Longboard impresses you. I have been riding for years on many brands’ longboards and cruisers. But all the expensive brands are designed for experienced skaters.

When I first time hear about this longboard, then this longboard caught my eye due to its aesthetic design. Then I promptly decided I would try this longboard. It not only looks very attractive and nice, but it also rides very smoothly under the affordable price tag.

So I would recommend this longboard for you and all those people who want to start cruising. If you just replace the bearings of this longboard then are very awful.

Best longboard for beginners:

This longboard is very good and suitable for those who are beginners. I purchased this board to learn to ride on the longboard. Before using this pone I have previous experience with riding other skateboards but feel this one is very different. I like this one very much.

You can ride over curbs with this longboard, which you can do with other regular longboards. It has good trucks but the plastic is under the screech of the truck so we recommend removing the plastic wrap.

Another thing that you should keep in your mind is that you should tight the bearings of it before starting your ride. This longboard looks very beautiful.

It has a very good and decent look:

I offer color choice and you can select your favorite color. The design of this longboard is very attractive and eye-catching.

Pros & Cons:


Is Retrospec good for longboards?

The Retrospec longboard has a very beautiful and eye-catching design and also has very good control and speed. It comes fully assembled and you no need to assemble it. The Retrospec longboards are good for beginners as well as expert riders. This means it is good for longboards.

Where are Retrospec longboards made?

The Retrospec longboards are made in California and these are also tested in California.

Is Zed longboard good for beginners?

It no matters whether you are a professional or a beginner. A longboard is not for anybody. It can be worse for those who are beginners and they haven’t learned how to ride a longboard safely. But the Zed bamboo longboard is designed keeping beginners in mind. This means, that, they can learn on Retrospec Zed Longboard because it is ideal for both beginners and professionals. But safety is the first.

What is the best longboard brand?

There are thousands of brands in the market and all these brands manufacture very well-designed longboards. Some of them are expensive and some of them are very affordable. In the market, some longboards are specially designed for professionals and some are designed for beginners. But the Retrospec Longboards are best for both types of riders, beginners, and professionals.

Is Retrospec cruiser good?

Yes, why not, the Retrospec Cruiser longboard is very good. It is very good for urban cruising because it can easily be controlled and have good speed and a beautiful design. It also comes pre-assembled and the rider’s no need to assemble it. This longboard is the best option for beginners and professional riders.

What kind of longboard should a beginner get?

A beginner should take start with the cruiser longboard. We recommend a 30” long and 8.5” wide longboard for those who look for a beginner cruise board. It is easy to balance on a wide and a long deck. For beginners, the wheels of the longboard should be softer and large(60mm-80mm / 77a-83a). So they can easily be rolled over bumps and cracks.

Do I want a longboard or a skateboard?

If you want to ride faster and want to do slides then you should go for a full-size longboard. Most longboards are designed to provide good control at a faster speed than skateboards that have big wheels, longer wheelbase, and low decks.


I have reviewed the Retrospec longboard. So if you are a beginner and want to buy a longboard for longboarding reasonably. Then the Retrospec longboards are the perfect option for you. Because Retrospec manufactures the longboards by keeping beginners in the mind. These longboards are perfect for those who look for an affordable and well-balanced and sturdy longboard. In short, it will not disappoint you when you will ride it.

The Retrospec Zed Bamboo Longboard is very ideal and good for urban cruising. Because the Retropspec Zed Bamboo Longboard is very easy to control. It is preferred by most riders. The Retrospec longboard is very durable, stable, and very high-speed. Its design is also very beautiful and eye-catching. Moreover, it also comes pre-assembled. Means, you no need to assemble it. Very good for professional and beginner riders.

I hope our Retrospec longboard review will be found very helpful for you.

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