How To Gift Wrap A Skateboard

If you bought a new-brand skateboard as a gift for your best friend. And you want to gift wrap it. But the main problem is that you don’t know how to gift wrap a skateboard. We are always ready to help you so now you will also learn about how to do this. So read this post, because now we going to learn how to gift wrap a skateboard for your best friend.

Now we are going to briefly explain the whole process by which you can gift wrap a skateboard in a few minutes. But there are some things that you may require to do this job.

What are the things you need to wrap a skateboard?

Following things, you may need to wrap a skateboard.

  • Scissors
  • Cutters
  • Measuring tapes
  • Paper/pencil
  • Packaging clear tapes
  • Cardboard box(large)
  • Wrapping paper
  • Packing peanuts, foam, bubble wrap, or tissue
  • Ribbons
  • Gift card
  • Butcher paper

Can you vinyl wrap a skateboard?

The sheet of Wrap vinyl is the first thing that you will need to gift wrap a skateboard. It is very important for you to choose the true film, whether Rwraps, 3M 1080 series, Avery SW900, ORAFOL 970RA.

For wrapping a skateboard, you can also use Vinyl but we don’t recommend it for you. Because the vinyl is too slippery material and it will not provide enough grip for skating. Moreover, it is not very durable, and if you will catch it on something it will tear easily.

But if you want to use the vinyl then get a thick wrap so that it can’t easily tear. Otherwise, it will be very better for you to go with the traditional material. Such as wood or composite.

How to gift wrap a skateboard?

Now we are going to explain the main topic of this article which is how to gift wrap a skateboard. So there are some easy steps that you will follow.

Step 1: Assess the skateboard

Take the measuring tape and determine the length, width, and height of the skateboard. And write them on a piece of paper. By doing so you can easily find the perfect box for your skateboard. Moreover, to get precise measurements, always measure the board from one end to another end.

Step 2: Measure the Box to scale

Now in this step, you should make sure that the cardboard box should properly fits the skateboard. It should fit the skateboard without any issues. To find the appropriate box size, use the measurement readings that you recorded earlier. The box should completely fit the skateboard without having any extra space. This means that its counterparts should not be leaving any extra space.

Step 3: Prepare the box

Now in this step, you will use the cutter to cut the cardboard to prepare the box. Go from top to bottom for easier access and cutting one of the corners. Moreover, if you are using a recycled box then first remove the leftover packaging tape. You will have a long and straight piece of cardboard.

Step 4: Lay the board and the box flat

Now in this step lay the box down flat that you have prepared in previous step 3. And place the skateboard over it. Now make sure that you have enough room to cover the trucks and wheels, especially at the edges. And also make sure that the board is upside down so it doesn’t start moving during your work. You don’t need accurate measurements. Just eyeballing should be enough. Now it’s time to make the cover. And to make the cover you will need to cut another piece of the cardboard box.

Step 5: Cut the box to scale

Now in this step, you will need to carefully cut a line into the cardboard. You can also use a pencil to carefully cut a line into the cardboard box. Go from top to bottom and try to keep the edges straight.

Step 6: Enfold the skateboard in the box

Now fold the sides of the cardboard box one by one. And close the box once the whole thing is enclosed. Now use another piece of cardboard that you cut earlier as a cover. To make the box more secure, tape all the sides neatly with the packaging tape.

Moreover, for additional protection you can also put the foam, packing peanuts, bubble wrap, or tissue inside the box.

Step 7: Wrap the cardboard box up

Now at this step of how to gift wrap the skateboard take wrapping paper and lay it flat. Now place the board box in the middle. And also make sure that you have enough paper to overlap the edges on each side.

Step 8: wrap the section one by one:

Now start wrapping the box one by one. To make your job a little easier, wrap the long sides first. First, folding the paper will make this task easier. To make the seamless finish, pull the paper tightly against the edges. Also makes sure you use the tapes where necessary.

Step 9: Use another sheet of wrapping paper

Now apply another sheet of wrapping paper over the previous one that you have already attached. All the edges of the previous attached paper should be covered completely. To make this paper fully secure apply the tapes inch by inch.

Step 10: Triangular flaps go on the sides

To make the triangular flaps, fold all the edges of the wrapping paper flat. Keep Flaps pressing against the box. Use more wrapping/ clear tape to secure the flaps.

Step 11: Garnish the box with decorations

After completing the wrapping of a skateboard, now you can decorate the box as you please. Now you can make your gift stand out and feel free to use gift cards, ribbons, and other decorative items. At this step, you should use your imagination to the fullest. Moreover, if you want to leave the box then you can leave it.

We have completed all the easy steps to gift wrap a skateboard. And now we are telling you about some amazing gift ideas for skateboarders.

Amazing gift ideas for skateboarders

There are some amazing gift ideas for skateboarders. And now we are going to explain them briefly.

Cool stickers:

You can also search for numerous skateboard stickers online, in case you targeted a person into cool stickers. The stickers will last longer if you will use high-quality vinyl stickers. Moreover, they don’t make the board sticky if you will go with non-marking adhesive.

Skateboard helmet:

You can also gift a skateboard helmet to your best friend. Because if you will also give a helmet as a gift to your friend. Then it will remind them to take safety measures when they skate. You can easily search for a variety of helmets on the internet and in local stores.

Action camera:

Moreover, If you want to bring a wide smile to your friend’s face then you can also give a camera as a gift. He will record his stunts and moves during the ride. So a camera is another amazing gift idea for skateboarders.

Skateboard elbow and knee pads:

Another amazing thing that you can give as a gift to your skater friend is the elbow and knee pads. By using these he can be safe from any unexpected injuries. There are also high-density clothes with soft sponge padding that you can buy for your skater friend.

Skateboard backpack:

This is another very amazing idea for skateboarders. Because a skateboard backpack is used by skaters to carry their essentials. So you can also give a skateboard backpack as a gift to your skater friend. We recommend you always look for a water-resistant, comfortable, and sturdy backpack.

Skateboard T Tool Accessory:

This is also the most amazing gift idea for skateboarders and you can also give it as a gift. All-in-one tool accessory equipped with the most needed toolset. You can look for a lightweight, ergonomic, sturdy, and multifunctional toolset. So the user can easily customize and repair the skateboard.

Classic skate shoes:

During the riding, every skateboarder always wants to feel comfortable standing over the board. And it can be another amazing gift idea if you will looks for classic skate shoes for your skater friend. We always recommend you look for a pair with a padded collar/heels and strong canvas material.

Micro fly box launch ramp:

This is another amazing gift idea for you. Because a fly box launch ramp will provide a safe way to learn new tricks. And you can also present it to your skater friend. But always make sure that it should be non-slippery and very easy to assemble.

Board wax:

If you use the board wax on your board then it will make sliding and grinding over different terrains very effortless. So you can also present a board wax to your skater friend. A good quality board wax always reduces friction during skateboarding. So may have a decent gift set if you will also pack some wax bars.


If you don’t have the cardboard box, what should you do?

Don’t worry if have not a cardboard box, because some alternatives can help you. The butcher or any thick paper can also help you to conceal the shape of the gift.

To create a seemingly flat surface, you should wrap the skateboard around several times with butcher paper. To make a workable surface, wrap the board multiple times. The butcher paper can also protect the wheels from piercing through the wrapping paper. But don’t forget to apply the tapes where necessary.

Now it’s time to start wrapping the skateboard with actual wrapping paper. Follow all the steps that we have mentioned earlier. But don’t apply too much force.

Wrapping the sides can be a little tricky. Press the side of two open edges and let the paper touch the bottom side. To secure the paper you should use plenty of tape.

Moreover, you can also use your wrapping paper to create the paper bag. And you can use it for most oddly shaped gift items.

Can we put stickers on your skateboard?

Very amazing, because there is no rule for skateboarding. This means that you can anything that you want. Which is the great thing about skateboarding. So it is also your decision to apply attractive stickers on your skateboard. If you are a fan of a brand and want to show it then go for it. So it is okay to put a sticker on the skateboard.

How do I display my skateboard?

You can use the wall mounts to display the skateboard decks. Drill a hole in the wall by using a drill machine and insert a wall anchor. So similarly you can drill holes in walls and then insert the plastic anchor in these holes. And then hung the decks.


Gift wrapping a skateboard is not a difficult task. We have briefly explained the simple steps that you can follow to wrap a skateboard. You can make your skateboard look like a work of art by using proper materials and techniques. We hope that now you will be not worried about How to gift wrap a skateboard. Because if you have read this article carefully then you can easily gift wrap it for your friend. And impress him.

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