How To Reset E-bike Battery

The batter of an electric bike is a very important and essential part. After the motor of the electric bike, the battery is another important part. Without the battery, the bike doesn’t call an electric bike. Like the motor of the bike, it is also a very expensive part of the bike. It will also be costly. You can save a lot of money by knowing little about the maintenance of the Battery.

You will be very amazed because the internal content of the Ebike battery is not very complicated. It has all the internal content same as other batteries.

Following are the main parts of the Ebike battery:

  • Battery cell
  • BMS system
  • The battery meter

The two types of batteries are mostly used in electric bikes. One is Lead Acid and the other is a Lithium-ion battery. The Lithium-ion battery has an advantage over the lead acid battery. It can last longer compare to the lead acid battery. But here are some disadvantages about it. It may be heavy in weight and could take of much space.

The battery of your will drain gradually when you use your bike. And in this situation, you should recharge your battery before it going to out of power.

The battery can get damaged when you do not charge it enough. Now the main point of this post is How to reset an e-bike battery. We will share all the steps that you can follow to reset your bike battery. Now follow these steps to reset your e-bike battery after a full charge.

how to reset e-bike battery
how to reset e-bike battery


Step 1: First of all turn off the battery and then remove the battery cover.

Step 2: First remove the negative terminal and then remove the positive terminal.

Step 3: And again connect both terminals to their sockets

Step 4: Close the battery cover

Factors that can damage the e-bike batteries:

Some factors can harm e-bike batteries. The batteries of e-bikes are very sensitive. And they can be damaged if they are charged too high and discharged too low.

You must know the problems that can occur. So you can fix it properly. Some common issues can occur in the e-bikes batteries.

Malfunctioning of the battery charging circuit:

This issue happens in the case of the charger malfunctioning because of bad contact between the wires and poor connection at the plug end. And it can cause overheating and fire hazards.

Charging problems:

The improper charging methods can also damage the E-bikes batteries. Some habits can harm e-bike batteries. Leaving the charger plugged in for long period, using the non-approved charger. And discharging the battery below 10%. All these actions decrease the life span of the e-bike batteries. So please avoid these types of habits.

Overheated the battery:

The overheated battery can become very dangerous if you left it alone without cooling down. And it can also explode due to overheating and cause serious injuries. It is very important to cool down the battery immediately. So please also avoid the e-bike battery from overheating.

Low voltage or discharge issue:

The voltage capacity of the e-bike battery depends on the size of the battery. A small-size battery requires less current flow as compared to a large battery. The smaller batteries have a higher discharge rate as compared to the large ones. And the smaller batteries maintain the performance with a higher discharge rate.

However, most people do not realize that when the battery is discharged to a certain level, it cannot recover again. So if you are riding your e-bike and the battery gets fully drained then the remaining energy of the battery becomes useless. So please also avoid your e-bike’s battery getting fully drained.

Battery terminals:

Another common e-bike battery issue is the lost connections at both ends of battery cables. Lose connection can cause a short circuit in the battery system. So please also avoid your battery from this type of issue. And make sure that all the connectors are fully tight and secure. And also check the length of the cable, is it sufficient or not.

The battery does not charge properly:

Also, understand the requirements of the battery like the charging speed and the amount of electric current required to charge the battery.

Adaptor terminal of e-bike battery:

The battery pack and its adaptor can fail under some harsh conditions. And due to temperature fluctuations. If this issue happens, the battery will not work properly until repaired. You should always carry an extra set of set spare parts so that you will not be disturbed in this type of situation.

The longer time of usage:

Sometimes you use your e-bike for a long time and the battery won’t get enough rest before being recharged. So it can also harm the battery. Please also avoid longer duration usage.

Improper maintenance:

The batteries of bikes also require regular maintenance. And some users ignore the regular maintenance schedule of the battery. The worn-out components like brakes and tires are also ignored by those users. And the ignorance of these things may cause premature failure of the entire system. So regular inspection is very necessary and the replacement of these types of components is also important. So please regularly maintenance is very important.

Over discharged batteries:

The newbies’ riders face too many problems with their e-bikes. The newbie riders who ride their bike for a long time can commonly face the batteries issues. When the newbie riders overuse their bikes and park them outside on rainy days. The rainwater can seep into the e-bike’s battery and can lead to corrosion and damage. So avoid parking your e-bike outside on rainy days.

However, some people also park their bikes in the sunlight, which is also harmful to the battery. In both situations, the battery can lose power very quickly. Because the air doesn’t contain enough moisture.

We have discussed all the actions that can harm e-bike batteries. Now we will explain how you can reset your e-bike battery.

How to reset your e-bike battery?

According to the general rule, an e-bike battery can be reset by disconnecting the BMS wiring harness and then connecting again it while charging the battery. And it can also be reset by charging it with a discharge port by using an external adaptor.

There are two methods by which you can reset your e-bike battery. The first method is the inside method. And we will explain both methods and you can select the one that you feel very easy.

Internal battery BMS reset:

According to my personal experience, I feel this method is very easy and it doesn’t require any complicated tools. So I also prefer this method. Moreover, this method also comes in a natural sequence after the BMS test. This method is based on charging the battery without connecting to the BMS chip. And then connecting the BMS chip during the charging. In this method, an order is given to the chip that a new device is connected to it. And then it does rest itself.

Here are some steps of the internal reset method.

  • First of all turn off the battery.
  • And remove the screws from the outer frame of the battery
  • And put the battery on a wooden table after opening it. (putting on a wooden table is very important for your safety)
  • Wear electrical gloves
  • And disconnect the wiring harness from the BMS chip
  • Charge the battery
  • And then reconnect the battery


When you are removing the wiring harness, you should use your hand instead of a screwdriver. And start from the right side. And when re-delivery make sure that delivery was done well.

Again measure the voltage after completing the reset method. I find all the voltage readings are correct and stable then the problem is resolved. But if you find that the readings continue to jump then go to the nearest e-bike shop and change the BMS.

External BMS reset method:

This method is based on the reverse charging of the battery. In this method, we pass the electric current through the discharge port of the battery. When you pass an electric current through the discharge port of the battery for at least 20 seconds, it gives a signal to the BMS chip to rest itself again to receive the electric current.

To apply this method to reset the e-bike battery, you should prepare an adaptor. So that the electric current can able to reaches the discharge port of the battery. To prepare an adaptor, you will require these tools.

  1. DC barrel jack
  2. Electrical wire with two different colors
  3. Electrical tape

How to prepare an adaptor:

To prepare the adaptor, connect one wire with the positive side of the jack and the other wire with the negative side of the jack. And tie these wires very well. And after doing this, plug the battery charger into the adaptor and also make sure that the two ends of the wire do not touch. And then measure the voltage. Make sure you have made the adaptor better and the reading of the multimeter should be positive.

After you make sure that the adaptor is working very well and then connect the positive end of the adaptor wire to the positive terminal of the battery discharging port. And then connect the negative terminal of the adaptor to the negative terminal of the battery discharge port for 20 seconds.

After doing so, charge the battery in the normal way and then try the bike to check how long the battery is.

Advantages and disadvantages of this method:

This method also has advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of this method is that you can reset the e-bike battery without opening or tampering with internal wires.

The disadvantage of this method:

Here are some disadvantages of this method.

  • This method is considered expensive because we require some tools.
  • In this method, the checking of the internal cells of the battery is not possible because the opening of the battery is not required in this method. So you can’t check the internal cells of the battery.


How do you reset a lithium-ion battery?

  • First of all, completely discharge the lithium-ion battery by using the device that contains a lithium-ion battery.
  • Plug the power cord of the device into an electrical outlet.
  • Remove the battery from the device


We have fully explained the methods by which you can reset the e-bike battery. The factors that affect the e-bike battery life span. And you can avoid all those factors and increase the life span of your e-bike battery. This means you can protect your e-bike battery from these harmful actions and enhance its life span of it. Moreover, you should also regularly check the maintenance of your e-bike. To reset the e-bike battery using one of these methods that you feel very easy. We hope you will feel this article very helpful.

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